Privacy and cookie policy


Gathering data

We can gather information personal to you in a few ways, when you submit information via our online forms, via our use of cookies (see above), and via our server logs.

How we use this information

Importantly the only personal data that we use to identify you is that information submitted by you via our online forms, and rather obviously that helps us take action on your request. We have no need, desire or reason to disclose your personal information to any other party.


What are cookies we hear you ask?

Well, in the context of the interent at least, a cookie is a tiny bit of data (think of gobbledegook text) that a website like ours can send to your web browser when you view a page. If your web browser is set-up to accept this bit of data it will save it and send it back to us when you view another page.

Why on earth do you do that?

We do it so that we can differentiate between the visitors browsing our site. By giving your web browser a unique bit of gobbledegook text when you first visit, we know it's the same person (or at least web browser) when it gets sent back to us.

The big point of this for us is to be able to show relevant messages to you, take for example when you submit a form on our site, we want to be able to express how grateful we are when the page refreshes.

We do also use Google Analytics to get anonomised statistics to help us improve our online experience. Google Analytics sets cookies too, but once again they don't include personal information, just unique bits of gobbledegook allowing them to track your individual path through the pages and pages of absorbing content on our site, telling us things like, barely anyone looks at the cookie policy page.

There are actually no cookies currently stored in your web browser by our site, meaning you have probably turned off support for cookies. Poor us. You should at least be able to browse the site without problem.