Bottle fed Lambs (Megs)

This years lambing was especially difficult due to the heavy snow but we had no more than the usual bottle fed lambs. It is very difficult to get a Manx Loaghtans to adopt another sheep's lamb. This year for the first time we managed to get a ewe to adopt a rejected lamb. We were left with three to bottle feed, on the Isle of Man they are called "Meg lambs". The three megs ended up being called Greedy Greeny, Mick and Tiny Tim (who is no longer tiny).

Most years we lose one or two bottle fed lambs to a condition called "bloat" that usually starts any time from three to seven weeks. Greeny, the eldest meg, suddenly developed bloat when he was three weeks old and we very nearly lost him. We tried the usual remedies, however a search on the internet showed that live yoghurt can help. In desperation we tried it and have had amazing success. We turned all the lambs milk into yoghurt and all three were fed on it.
They are all now weaned and are healthy growing lambs.

Bottle fed lambs are a great attraction to children (and to some adults). Here are some of the photos of our lamb feeders.

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